During the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, so many families are experiencing unprecedented turmoil. Food insecurity is a well known concern, and thankfully many citizens and organizations- including our club- are responding with generosity and compassion.
Families that cannot afford food can definitely not afford clothing. But children continue to grow- and outgrow their shoes. 
Between the ages of 4 to 14, children typically outgrow their shoe size ‚Äčevery 4-8 months 
Our Rotary Club is partnering with Operation Warm on its Warm Soles pilot program to provide 300 pairs of new children's shoes to La Casa Norte, a Chicago agency that serves families confronting homelessness. 
We have $4,500 of the $6,000 needed to fund this program. 
Please empower children in need by sparking confidence, self-pride and hope for homeless children with your donation. 
Our goal is raise $1,500 by Friday June 12.
Donate here or email info@wnrotary.org with your pledge.