Posted by John Thomas
The meeting was online via Zoom and attended by 22 members and 2 guests. It was opened at 12:18 PM by President Chuck Norton followed by the pledge of allegiance. The Thought for the Day was then given by Amy Skalinder.
BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES :  President Chuck noted birthdays to be celebrated included Heather Higgins and Mike Shelton. Today’s anniversary was Tony Kambich: a Rotarian for 41 years!.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Rich Lalley announced this year’s Operation Warm Coat benefit is in planning. Last year, led by Joe Nash, this effort ginned up over $20,000.
HAPPY BUCKS: Marie Kuiper noted her orthopedic surgical procedure was successful but, more importantly, she has a new job that she is very pleased with..
BIOGRAPHY: Mike Shelton provided today’s member bio. After a Kellogg MBA, he spent some years at the consulting firm, McKinsey.  And so on … Mike is currently retired.
SPEAKER- At 12:35 John Thomas introduced today's speaker: Pat Savage-Williams.  Ms. Savage-Williams is Special Education Coordinator at New Trier High School.   At NTHS she also works with students formally and directly having conversations about racism. In her spare time she currently chairs the Evanston Board of Education.  She used several prepared  ”PowerPoint” outlines and had a 5 minute video, “Conversations with Emmanual Acho”. This canned talk about racisim by an ex-NFL linebacker is available on YouTube.
A very lively Q&A followed covering several areas common to Black residents and students. One such was the”Talk”. Given by parents to young Black teens, it is how to behave and what to look out for when approached by police officers. Ms. Savage-Williams has two mid-teens daughters.  Both have already been given that talk several times.
The meeting was then closed at 1:35 with a recitation of the Four Way Pledge.