Posted by Robert Mardirossian
Shock, despair, anger, frustration, fear, sadness, concern for our country, impotence, withdrawal, distress, relief, denial.
These are just a few of the many thoughts, feelings and actions people have had since Monday’s horrific assault on our neighbors in Highland Park.
There is no script how one should feel or respond, as much as we wish we could find relief and peace. We each try to find a path that allows us to move forward.
For many of us, part of moving forward first requires pausing to acknowledge the horror of what happened and share it with those we care about.
The tragedy of what occurred in Highland Park, is not an isolated incident. This year alone there have been four mass shooting that have taken place. The impact of the other tragedies can have a cumulative effect on how we process Monday’s shooting. Try to be understanding of our feelings and responses and the feelings and responses of those around us, even if they don’t seem to make sense.
In the midst of witnessing the worst of what one person can do to many, we also heard and saw what the best of what many human beings can do for one another.
To the extent possible, let us strive to exemplify the best of humanity. Let us extend kindness and compassion to ourselves, to those we love and even to strangers we encounter.
In memory of the seven people who lost their lives Monday:
Katherine Goldstein
Irina McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy
Stephen Straus
Jacquelyn Sundheim
Nicolas Toledo-Zargoza
Eduardo Uvaldo
and all those who suffered physical and emotional harm, let us have 30 seconds of silence and send healing thoughts, energy and prayers to their families and friends, and the entire Highland Park community. Thank you.