Posted by Marie Kuipers
Our humble club will be catapulted into the space age this Thursday (and all subsequent Thursdays) until further notice. Yay! This stuff can be intimidating, but I have full confidence that you all will CRUSH it! Here's how it will go:
Thursday at around 12:15, you will click on this link using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet:
This will take you to our meeting "room." You will see my ugly mug staring back at you - apologies in advance! There will be small boxes, or windows, where your face and/or name will appear. There will be buttons you can click on to start video (this will add your ugly mug to the party!) and also audio, which will activate your microphone. Typical meeting etiquette is that you keep your video ON, but your audio OFF until you are speaking. This cuts down on lots and lots of background cacophony. 
Rich tells me there is a way to "raise your hand" so that your host (I) will know you'd like to say something. I'll look into that one, as that is not a feature I've used in my online classes.
I am planning to be "in the room" at around 12, so if you'd like to come in early, we can play around with buttons and settings and get you comfortable using the platform before the meeting starts.
Your homework: Please come to the meeting armed with at least one suggestion for how to help each other and/or the community at large while we're on lockdown. You can blame this on Wes, who had a couple wonderful ideas that I will let him share with you all on Thursday.
If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please don't be shy. I can create a short meeting for anyone who would like to "practice" before Thursday.
Please shoot me an email if you're planning to attend, so I know a rough number to expect. This first week will probably be mostly devoted to getting comfortable with your settings, so we'll all muddle through together. Can't wait to see you all!
Queen Marie