Posted by Patti Van Cleave
12:18. President Bill called the meeting to order.
Wes shared an uplifting and positive thought about how one is perceived in the world.
Bob Baker led the Pledge.
Visiting guests & Rotarians
Ron Bernardi visited again, and brought the manager of the farmers market, who also works at the Grand – Jim Thompson.
Terry Dason brought Rockey Flinterman and noted that she is hiring someone at the Chamber, and also that the farmer’s market opens on June 4.
Joe Nash – 10th
Tom Nash - 10th
Denny Lauer -  13th
Rob Bahan -  13th
Liz Taylor – April 11 – 20 years
  • Suzanne Gibson was here two weeks ago – she recognized:
Tony and Carolyn Kambich as Major Donor Level 1 in support of The Rotary Foundation
Fred Schwimmer as Major Donor Level 1
David Birkenstein Major Donor Level 3
  • Upcoming Speakers, next 4 weeks:
Heidi next week
Fred following week
Mental health in Lithuania – PDG will speak on this program
Rockey is also going to speak
  • Ukranian relief efforts- WN Foundation will fund a table at a food packing event in Rolling Meadows on 4/30. Details to follow.
  • May 12 is Rummage – we may have a booth selling snacks and and water. 6 people volunteered to help.
  • Barb pointed out 3 events:
  • PBPS week next week. Bring peanut butter and pasta sauce for the NTT food pantry.
  • Barb and Heidi will be hosting an Earth Day event on April 23 from 9-11 at Hubbard Park off McCormick.
  • May 15 Fun Run sponsored by Wilmette Club.
Fred spoke to the program he is planning. Individuals or teams for his President’s trivia program. Donations will be made from Fred’s family foundation to a charity of the winner’s choice.
Amy - May 12, we can be in the Garden Room. President Bill will let us know what the plan is.
Spring Benefit is May 19. We are collecting raffle items, and prize items. Please donate.
Happy Bucks
Bill for Moha, who is managing our technology today.
Fred is happy to be back!
Barb is privileged to have been moderator at NTT Awards event. John Thomas was posthumously named George Noyes Volunteer of the Year.
David B is happy about his and Mary's recent trip to Charleston and Kiawah Island.
Dig n Grin –
Robert spoke for Connie. He shared some funny quotes.
Rives Collins was introduced by Moha, who has known him since BC (Before Children). Rives is a Professor in the School of Communication at Northwestern University.
“The Art of Storytelling” He shared some stories, spoke about the history of storytelling and how stories transform us. His stories were engaging and entertaining.   
President Bill adjourned the meeting at 1:30, when we recited the 4 Way Test.