Posted by Patti Van Cleave
President Bill called the zoom-only meeting to order at 12:19.
Thought of the Day: Bob Baker shared a thoughtful verse from Tracy Chapman.  We had one visiting Rotarian: our AG Tamiye Meehan.   
Birthdays: Pat O’Day on the 12th.  
Anniversaries: Tom Nash on the 13th.  
  • Our meeting will return to hybrid next Thursday. Look for an email from Bill with details. According to current mandates, we will be required to show proof of vaccination if attending in person.
  • Our Foundation Committee met last week to determine Community Grants. They will finish up this process next Thursday at 11:30, just before our lunch meeting. Also, the Foundation approved supporting a multi-club grant presented by Barb and Patti to provide support to 3 local mental health agencies.
  • Tamiye reminded us about the Upstander Training on the 18th. It will be posted in our Bulletin.
Happy Bucks:
  • Marie is grateful for all club members and friends who have supported the Refugee project. She took a family to Target this morning for their first visit.
  • Robert is in Berkeley CA, joining us in the car, and is grateful for M’s support to allow him to continue his perfect attendance.
  • Fred was happy that Valentine’s Day will mark the 25th anniversary of his double bypass surgery. It was obviously successful!
Dig N Grin: David B pitched in for Wes with a funny story. At the end of the meeting, Wes shared some one-liners.
Speakers: Rick B. updated us on the Peru project that our Foundation is supporting. He and his family recently went to Peru. They brought school supplies and balls to an elementary school that has 100 students. Following the presentation, Rick answered a number of questions about the culture, the area and the school.
President Bill adjourned the meeting at 1:10, when we all recited the Four Way Test.