Posted by David Grant
President Bob led today’s meeting with 13 in-person Rotarians, and 1 guest: Ron Bernardi.
Announcements:  Bob inducted a new member today: Ken Drummet.  Ken has been a Rotarian for 27 years before joining our Club.  He moved to the Mews in Winnetka recently.  David Birkenstein is his sponsor.
Happy Bucks:
Bill is happy that he saw Rich on TV recently being interviewed about Operation Warm.
Ron:  Is happy to shake the hand of the world’s newest Rotarian!
Fred:  Is happy for the best showing of leaves on the trees in Winnetka this fall that he can remember.  He is also happy about the stellar community contributions that Terry Dason makes for the Chamber of Commerce and particularly the farmers market, and for all that Barb Tubekis does for the Volunteer Center.
Speaker:  Steve Anderson is the New Trier Township Community Partnerships Coordinator.  The township donates more than $1.5 million to 34 agencies that reach a population of 57,000 township residents.  More than 2,000 of those residents live under the poverty line and require services.