Newly installed President, Bob Baker, started off his term with a long-ringing stroke on the bell, which got everyone’s immediate attention. Twenty members were present with no official guest except that Ellie Schwimmer stopped in for a quick visit to say hello and to monitor Fred’s Dig and Grin presentation!
   Lee Padgitt was complimented on his last 2 reports of the meeting minutes in a showing of appreciation for him subbing for our professional minute taker, Wes Bauman.
    Bob mentioned the Rotary summer picnic benefit at the Community House on August 23rd from 11:00 to 4:00 and solicited volunteers for this very important fund raiser.  He also announced that he will be hosting a little July gathering at his home (date TBA) at which he will be providing food and refreshments and, if people are so inclined,  receiving  donations to the Rotary’s polio project.
    Bob and Rich Lalley reported on the need to set fundraising goals for the next year and  emphasized the importance of giving to the Rotary Foundation. They reported that last year the W-N Rotary Club gave about $90,000, which included $30,000 raised for “Kids Against Hunger”; $12,000 for  “Operation Warm” (coats for kids); and $24,000 to 12 local charities. It was suggested we review Chamber of Commerce and community contacts for a way to acknowledge our donors.
    Tony Kambach gave a report on our 15 year relationship with Uganda and our “micro credit” program which helped get loans for their citizens.
    Bob concluded the meeting by presenting his special “Rotarian of the Week” award to Eric Birkenstein for his successful year as Club President, and to Liz Taylor for her work on the recent installation dinner.
    There was no guest speaker but with all the announcements, award and good fellowship, the meeting did not end early!