Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Winnetka Community House was opened at 12:18 by President Bill Leske. An interesting Thought for the Day came from Christina Gikas after the pledge of allegiance was led by Joe Fell. There were several visitors and 26 members present including Kelsey Rafety from the WPD. Lunch was served at 12:24 and the meeting then started at 12:40.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Bill noted Greg Nelson’s anniversary of 3 years and then made a variety of announcements. Volunteers were sought for:
            - Make a Difference Day, and
            - World Polio Day
We were reminded another Scribe was still sought.
The Rotary Pavilion at the 9/29 at the Park District’s post Bike Winnetka hoopla on 9/29 needs volunteers to help pass the word of the wonderfulness of Rotary to passers-by.
DIG AND GRIN- Terry Dason provided three anecdotal bits of humor using a dizzy blonde as the protagonist. This was not deemed non-PC as Ms. Dason is herself a blonde. She was rewarded with semi-thunderous applause.
HAPPY BUCKS – Generous contributions were supplied by Messrs. Wes Baumann and Robert Mardirossian
SPEAKER – Unfortunately our speaker for the day got mired in traffic on his way from Chicago’s South side. Various intra-table conversations ensued on a myriad of subjects.
The meeting thus drifted to a close at 1:30 p.m.