Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Winnetka Community House was opened at 12:17 by President Bill Leske. The Thought for the Day came from Greg Nelson followed by the pledge of allegiance led by Lee Padgett. There was one visitor, Brian Schiller, a guest of Rick Borjesson. There were 27 members present. Lunch was served at 12:22 and the meeting then started at 12:40.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Bill noted three birthdays, Heather Higgins, Mike Shelton and Wes Baumann. A somewhat discordant Happy Birthday was sung to them.  Three Rotary anniversaries were celebrated, Tony Kambich (31 years), Todd Stephens (20 years) and Bill Boyd (9 years).
We were reminded another Scribe was still sought along with Patti Van Cleave who just volunteered to join the ranks of Scribblers.
The grand Rotary Pavilion at the Winnetka Farmers Market needs volunteers to help pass the word of the wonderfulness of Rotary to passers-by. The same for the 9/29 post Bike Winnetka hoopla at the Park District playfield.
HAPPY BUCKS: David Birkenstein threw in some Happy Bucks in recognition of a successful de-wasping of his patio and Eric Birkenstein made mention of a similar event when he was a kid.
DIG AND GRIN- Tom Nash provided a convoluted story of a woman and her lawyer on a plane. The audience was slow to react but then gave appreciative whistles and clapping.
SPEAKER : The speaker was Don Brewer, our recently retired District Governor. He spoke about what is was like to be a District Governor. He noted he had 2 years as a Governor-designee and attended two Zone Meetings for training. Our District has 2300 Rotarians and his aim was to bring challenges to each chapter in a positive way. He said ”The year as District Governor was the finest year of my life!“
Brewer elaborated on the various message he was charged to deliver and gave several anecdote about his experiences.   Unfortunately he ran overtime and there was no time for questions. Upon finishing, the luncheon members agave him a standing ovation.
The meeting closed at 1:35 p.m. with a recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Pledge.